Gairloch Beach, Highlands, Scotland


It had been a wet and wild few days on the North-West coast of Scotland. Rather than remain holed up in our lovely, little loch-side holiday cottage we had embraced the inclement weather and stomped about the Highlands, soaked to the skin. So when the first glimmers of sun shone that July morning we decided to head off to the coast.


It is nearly 56 miles via the Highland a-roads from the little hamlet of Ardaneaskan, where we were staying, to the beautiful golden sands of Gairloch Beach. It would have been quite a haul had it not been for the scenery. The drive down into the village of Gairloch was breathtaking, a long winding road snaking down through a mountainside valley.


We weren’t disappointed when we arrived either, tucked away behind the jagged rocks and wild heather was a large swathe of golden sand overlooking the brilliant blue waters of the Minch. The sea was incredibly clear and teeming with tiny fish. Gentle waves lapped the shore of this beautiful, secluded beach, making it a safe haven for paddling families.


Surrounding the bay is coastal walk that climbs across to the pier at Charlestown. The beach is situated on the southern outskirts of Gairloch village. There is free parking just outside, as well as a small cafe and toilets.



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