Hayley North Holistic Chef


Sometimes in life we meet those brave souls who offer us inspiration and hope at times when we maybe feeling scared or trapped. Yoga teacher and retreat chef Hayley North is one of those people. She has transformed her world by following her passions and now lives a life many would dream of.

I met Hayley fifteen years ago when she was working as a graphic designer for a corporate holiday company. At the time she was retraining to be a yoga teacher. With a background rooted in dance she was a keen advocate in the moving body, rather than the body rooted in a seat behind a Mac.

“After a long period of confusion and feeling lost, I went along to a yoga class and had my life forever changed,” she says. “By the end of that class I knew this was what I was going to do and the path I must follow. It ignited every part of my being and spoke a language to me I had been waiting to hear for a very long time.”


She had started out on a path that would transform her life forever. She combined her passion for yoga with her love of food and nutrition. A one time sugar lover she re evaluated her eating habits and became a holistic chef. For the past five years she has worked as a retreat chef in far flung locations such as Sri Lanka, Morocco, Italy, France and Norway.

“My passion comes from feeling like I stumbled by chance upon the most valuable information I had ever come across late in life, and feeling deeply that this should be basic school and home education for all.”

If you are curious about nutrition, health and well being and would like to move away from processed and mass produced food, then take a look at Hayley’s new ebook The Holistic Kitchen. It contains 97 pages with other forty recipes and lots of tips for the preparation of breakfasts, drinks, snacks, simple meals, desserts, salads and dressings.


You can find out more about Hayley’s background, life and work on her website.




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