Red Squirrel Walk, Formby


Red squirrels are rare in the UK, their numbers drastically reduced in the 1870’s when the grey squirrel was introduced from North America. Last weekend we decided to make the most of the balmy weather and  seek out the native red squirrels at the National Trust Formby, near Southport.


Situated by the coast the pine woodland is home to an abundance of wildlife, walking trails wind through the trees and down to the dune. We enjoyed trekking through the sun dappled forest hoping to spot the shy, red squirrels.


The sand dunes are an ever changing feature of the Formby coastline offering magnificent views across the area’s glorious sandy beaches.


After stroll through the woodland and the dunes we settled down on the beach to enjoy a picnic and bask in the sunshine. Prehistoric footprints have been uncovered under the moving sands. The National Trust offers guided walks with a local archaeologist. After a lazy seaside stroll we hopped back in the car and headed fiurther down the coast to Crosby Beach, to check out Antony Gormley’s Another Place.


The artist’s work consists of 100 iron men scattered across the beach facing towards the sea. Over the past decade thousands of visitors have been drawn to the beach to photograph, dress up and pose with these life sized iron men.


A barnacled bottom.

As well as  visiting these beaches by car they can be explored on foot. A twenty one mile coastal path stretches from Southport to Crosby beach. I think the Sefton coast walk might be next on our list!


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