The Best Gelato in Rome


Five or so years ago I was chatting to my little boy, promising him that one day I would take him to the country where his favourite food and dessert hailed from. Half a decade later and we were in Italy, in search of the best pizza and ice-cream. Thankfully we had inside knowledge, my friend’s boyfriend is Italian. Born and brought up in central Rome Fabio is privy to culinary information us tourists could only dream of. He explained the difference between the square, thick crust ‘day’ pizzas, a snack to eat on the hoof, and the round, thin crust night pizzas that one would eat in a restaurant in the evening. He also swore he would take us to the place that produced the best ice-cream in the world.


We arrived at Gelateria La Romana to be greeted by a queue snaking outside the door. Situated on a street corner on Corso Inghilterra this renowned gelateria serves the most delicious ice-cream, crepes and desserts in the city. Tourists and locals alike queue to take home large boxes of gelato, which can be kept frozen for up to an hour in specially made freezer boxes.


No English translations are offered on the menu, so as we queued my friend talked us through the flavours. We could choose from a two, three or four scoop cone. You pay for how many scoops you want and then go to the counter to choose your flavours. First either white or milk chocolate is poured into the cone from a chocolate pouring tap (eat your heart out Willy Wonka!), then you choose your flavours of ice cream or sorbet. The ice-cream is then topped off with delicious whipped cream, either plan, chocolate or coffee. Yum!


The ice-cream is super-soft and not at all sugary, it doesn’t leave a horrible film on your teeth. It is so creamy and the flavours, well the pistachio was absolutely divine. Three scoops, plus flavoured cream, for just over two euros. You can’t buy that from a Mr Whippy ice-cream van. Delicious.

Gelateria La Romana, Corso Inghilterra, 31/A, 10139 Torino, Italy +39 011 1991 5796




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