Street art, Blackpool


A couple of years ago I wrote about the Sand, Sea and Spray urban art festival in Blackpool. The free festival returned to the seaside town last month, so my son and I set out on the final day in the hope of catching some of the artists in action.


And we came across none. Zilch. We returned to the venues we had visited two years previously, such as the Victorian sun lounge at the bottom of the North Pier, and we were greeted by a handful of holiday makers sheltering from the wind. Hmmm…


It was either me being a dope or a lack of information on the artists’ whereabouts on the festival’s website and Facebook page. I think it was a combination of both. I’d had an incredibly busy week beforehand and didn’t have time to go hunting around on the net for locations. I did look on the website and the Facebook page but couldn’t see any clues.


Anyway all was not lost. When we went to the Rebellion Punk Festival this weekend we came across these magnificent murals situated by Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, a product of Sand, Sea and Spray I think.


Aren’t they wonderful? I wish that our city was more open to urban art. What do you think?






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