Killer views: Tower Bridge Exhibition


A trip to London was looming. We wanted to travel 68 floors up to the top of The Shard but my bank balance wouldn’t allow it and so began the hunt for a a Killer View on a budget. One thirty minute trawl of the internet later and we had a couple of options. A climb up the spiral staircase of the 161-metre Monument for the Great Fire of London, a snip at just £4 or a more leisurely stroll across the glass floored walkways of Tower Bridge. As we were lugging heavy bags we chose the latter.


As it had been a mammoth, triple-whammy train journey down to the Big Smoke we were happy to take the lift up to the iconic walkways. Situated 42 metres above the River Thames the Tower Bridge Exhibition tells the story of the 120 year old bridge’s construction.


The walkways’ vast windows also offer panoramic views to the East of the city and to the West, down the River Thames. From these windows you can see many of the city’s historic landmarks, as well as recent additions.



The exhibition also includes photos and information on some of the world’s other grand feats of architecture; the Millau Viaduct in France, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.



Highlights included creeping across the glass walkways as London buses drifted by below and seeing the bridge open for a passing ship. Definitely worth a visit.

Tower Bridge Exhibition, London. 


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