Au revoir 2014


There have been some stunning sunsets across the north-west of England the past few evenings. I thought it would be quite a fitting end to the year to post some photos of recent walks and reflect back on what has been a busy but creative time.


When I started Miss Chipie my aim was to do one creative thing a day. The past twelve months have brought many challenges in terms of maintaining this level of creativity. For one I have been working, I have also been completing a teacher training course and most importantly I am a parent. It would have been easy to stop writing and photography but something keeps pulling me back. I just love it, I guess.


I started the year by visiting Manchester Museum and interviewing artist Kathryn Poole, who is currently holding an exhibition in Preston with her collective Old Bear Press. I hope to catch up with them in 2015 as they have moved into some local artist studios. February was a busy month, I went over to see the Ossie Clark exhibition at Manchester Costume Gallery and interviewed two local artists; Pam Potter and Linda Massey. In March I took to my bike, documenting one of my favourite bike rides and one which I would do very often throughout the year, to Brockholes Nature Reserve. I also visited a stunning exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, featuring the awe inspiring textiles of Joana Vasconselos.


April was a quiet month for me in terms of writing, I was just about to start my second teaching placement and as I remember it I had a lot of work on at University. I did manage to get up to Oxhey Mill Studios though and interview artist Lauretta Rapley. In May I posted about Brighton Street Art and I was looking forward to a forthcoming adventure in the south-west of France. In June we explored our local parks on our bikes, whilst basking in the glorious sunshine. We also spent a day at UCLAN’s wonderful, free Lancashire Science Festival.


In July I featured the Caribbean Carnival and interviewed glass artist Dawn Jackson. July was also a time of adventure as myself and my son headed off to the South-West coast of France. I documented these travels throughout August, with posts on Guéthary, Le Ruisseau in Bidart, Biarritz and Le Sylvamar, a campsite in Labenne Ocean. We had a wonderful time. I had been working very hard up until that point so it was lovely to go to France, turn off my phone, be without internet access and play with my son in the sunshine without any interruptions.


In September I was capturing sunsets and uploading a lot of photography. My aim for 2015 is to buy a new camera, suggestions for a good bridge camera are welcome! In October I wrote about our trip to Paris, we met new friends over the summer in Messanges and had been to visit them at their home in a little village just south of Paris. I also featured a fab new shop called Life’s Little Larks. In November we went over to Liverpool to catch the Andy Warhol exhibition, which isn’t to be missed, and interviewed Andrew Berwick a local printmaker. This month has been incredibly busy. I submitted some photography to the Harris Open Exhibition. I have also managed to write just one post, which I have been itching to write for a while, about our visit to the incredible Yorkshire Sculpture Park earlier this year.


So there you have it, my year in review. It has been a fun, busy and very creative year. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. One of my hopes for 2014 was that my step-dad would finally beat cancer. Sadly he became very ill in May 2014, however I am pleased to write he underwent a pioneering form of chemotherapy and on his last, most recent scan the cancer had gone completely! Amazing and wonderful! I did a sponsered mile swim to raise money for the local cancer unit.


I also hoped to continue writing, photographing, travelling, experiencing new places, meeting new people as well as seeing old friends. I also promised to work hard, enjoy each day and hopefully continue to make people smile. I hope I have achieved that!


For 2015 I would like to concentrate on improving my photography and I want to continue to write. I would like to keep travelling, catch up with good friends across the UK and Europe, meet new people and visit new places. I maybe a little quiet on here up until Easter, as I am completing my teaching course…it is another hope and wish that I pass the course!

But my biggest wish is that my son, family, friends and myself stay healthy and happy!

Bonne année et bonne santé,

Have fun,


Miss Chipie xxx




2 thoughts on “Au revoir 2014

  1. Quelle année riche en événements que tu as eu! J’espère que ton beau-père ira bien en 2015 et toute ta famille aussi! Je suis très contente d’avoir fait ta connaissance à la fin de l’année 2014 et j’espère qu’on ne se perdra pas de vue en 2015. Ton blog est très intéressant et je te souhaite d’acquérir le plus vite possible l’appareil photo de tes rêves! Bonne et heureuse année 2015!

    • Bonsoir , belle de vous entendre . Merci pour votre beau message et les compliments . Oui, nous avons eu une année incroyable . Vous et votre famille tout le meilleur pour 2015 Souhaitant ! Nous devons rester en contact !

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