My love affair with France began long before my first visit to Paris, earlier this year. Many of my friends were amazed that I hadn’t stopped by the city de l’amour and to tell you the truth I wasn’t really that fussed. I’d already fallen for the charms of the South-West coast and enjoyed occasional visits to the laid back city of Toulouse. Why would I want to visit a grey metropolis choked with cars and haughty people?

True, I am intrigued by the city’s artistic charm and it’s magnetism for artists over the years; Magritte, Picasso, Mondrian and Dali. I always thought that one day I would spend a day or two at the art galleries, with a visit to Monet’s gardens. But I never imagined to be so bewitched by a city as I was when I stopped by Paris for an afternoon, yes just an afternoon, in the summer. Yes there are cars, plenty of them, tourists too, loads of ’em and  heavy, grizzled clouds looming across the skyline, but the beauty and scale of the architecture was something else. I should probably go back…



5 thoughts on “Paris

  1. In about 1990 I went on a day trip to Paris, from Bolton, on a coach. A bit more than an afternoon, probably, although not much. The driver had the whole career of Freddie Starr playing on the TVs on the coach all the way there and all the way back. It was awful.

  2. Sounds like the day from ‘comedy’-hell. That’s the thing on a coach trip, you can never escape the tyranny of the driver. We had a lovely driver once on a school trip to France, he let us play our Bananarama Greatest Hits CD all the way back and then we had a perverted one on a school excursion to Bolton. The least said about him the better.

  3. Bien sûr, vous devez y revenir! C’est une ville magnifique! Je l’adore et j’aimerais pouvoir y aller plus souvent. J’ai appris une nouvelle expression, grâce à vous: to be bewitched by. Now, I can say: I’m bewitched by Paris! J’adore le musée d’Orsay. J’aime aussi d’autres musées et l’architecture de la ville. J’aime me déplacer en bus dans Paris et l’admirer.
    Have a good day!

    • Aw thank-you for your lovely message. I think Paris holds a lot of magic and secrets, I would love to return and explore further. There is so much to see, I’d love to see the hidden courtywards and go to the places where the great artists and writers went all those years ago. Yes I think you have been bewitched by Paris too!

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