Feathers and friends…


Before today’s grey skies loomed I took off on my bicycle to capture signs of Autumn. We’ve had some chilly mornings, yet the afternoons have basked in sunlight. Even so the signs of the changing seasons were there; shiny conkers, carpets of crunchy leaves and bright red berries peering from the bushes.


However with the warm weather carrying on into late September we could be fooled into thinking that Autumn has arrived late. Not so, apparently the onset of Autumn was visible way back in July according to the National Trust – when Holly and Hawthorn berries were first sighted. My step-dad always used to say that early sightings of red berries signalled a harsh winter ahead.


There are two swan families on the Lancaster Canal in Preston. I noticed the cygnets of one family had molted and were getting their adult plummage.


As I cycled on up to Savick and down the path alongside the Ribble Link I came across a friendly bunch of ducks looking for a bite to eat. Further along the cycle path is a lovely stone sculpture of a duck nestling on it’s eggs.


It was created by local sculptor Thompson Dagnall. He worked in collaboration with children from a nearby school, they considered the local habitat and came up with lots of ideas, the result was Broody Duck.

We haven’t been out on our bikes today, the rain has been tumbling down. Tomorrow is a special day for me, so I hope there is some sunshine. Have a great weekend folks!


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