Capturing the moment…


I keep my little Canon IXUS 107 tucked away in my handbag at all times. The only time I didn’t was when a cluster of angry storm clouds battled across the Atlantic Ocean during sunset, earlier this year. The sky was raging with deep purple, crimson and gun-metal grey. It was a spectacular show as the clouds converged in spooky, symmetrical formation. Oh I wish I’d had my camera then.


Butterfly and flower Avenham Park

Then again would I have captured it? All the photos on my blog have been taken on my little Canon compact but it has it’s limitations. It cannot pick up detail in low light and lets in too much light during bright days. I have little control over this. Many people comment positively on my photos, here, at home and on my Facebook page, so to improve further perhaps I need to upgrade?


Sunset at Preston Docks

I’d like something with little faff, a point and click that you can add to and more importantly shoot in low light/bright light. Something that can pick up detail. A friend has suggested a bridge camera, perhaps a Panasonic Lumix?


Lancaster Canal

All of the photos taken on this blog post were took in the past 24 hours. We’ve had some great weather in the north of England over the past week, creating lots of good photographic opportunities. The challenge is to create those opportunities on grey, Winter days.



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