Last week I took off on my trusty iron steed to catch a first glimpse of Autumn. We have been really lucky in the north of England lately, temperatures in Preston have topped those in Paris. So it was with real joy that I pedalled my way along the Lancaster Canal, clad in t-shirt, sandals and loose pants.


As the butterflies swooped and soared in front of me, I cycled along marvelling at the breadth of greens lining the canal. The trees were still thick with leaves and the grass verges were lush and plentiful.


Then I arrived at this climber, ablaze with fiery red leaves. It was my first sighting of the season that awaits, the beauty of Autumn. I rode on. I cycled past the boats moored at the bottom of well tended gardens, past wild overgrown shrubs and plants, through dog pooh alley on the way to the park and beyond.


My pedals turned, taking me past the River Ribble and away from the docks, down to Avenham and Miller Park.


It is here I spotted a Weeping Willow, recently shorn and resembling a child on the first day back at school with a badly cut fringe.

IMG_1824 IMG_1806

On I travelled, through the park, to a path with crunchy leaves underfoot. Yes, I felt it this morning as I wiped the condensation from the windows and pulled on my cardie. Autumn is on it’s way.






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