Situated between Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz, close to the French/Spanish border, is the pretty village of Guéthary. Dating back to the 16th century the village was first established as a fishing port, however today the little Basque village’s main income comes from tourism. 


That said even in high summer the village remains a tranquil place, the crowds flocking to the nearby beaches of Bidart and St-Jean-de-Luz instead. One stormy Wednesday we stopped off at Kostaldea Parlementia, a relaxed bar with a terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and had lunch at Les Alcyons, a little restaurant located at the corner of the port. We ate grilled sardines and salad whilst watching the rain clouds clear and the surfers appear.


With it’s close proximity to the Pyrenees Guéthary is a lush and green little village, abundant in plants and flowers. This combined with the beautiful Basque architecture and views across the Atlantic make it a charming sunset stop.




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