Monsieur Metéo


And the rain came tumbling down. It’s hammering it down outside. Ever wondered how Lowry felt inspired by the cloud and rain that hangs over the north -west of England for days on end? Since we returned from France the sky has been cloaked in grey. Never mind, after the rain comes sunshine.

We went walking to the beach at Messanges the morning after a storm. The sky the evening before had been dramatic, flush with deep reds and purples but I forgot my camera. It was stunning. I managed to catch some of the angry looking clouds the following morning as they swept in from the Atlantic.


This is the beach at Labenne on our last day. You can see fluffy white clouds hanging over the Pyrenees. The sun was blazing yet the beach wasn’t busy. A clutch of surfers were riding the waves. My friend is a life guard, I call him Monsieur Metéo as he likes to predict the following day or afternoon’s weather. He is usually right but I think he cheats at times, I’ve seen him taking a sneaky peak at the net.


So as I type the rain has stopped. It’s time to get ready for work, the sky is brightening. A bientot.


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