Artist Interview: Dawn Jackson

10487297_452407384862973_4967138793199186311_nSearching for a cheery gift to brighten up someone’s day? Look no further. The Harris Museum and Shop has gone dotty over Dawn Jackson’s glass designs. She makes little glass sailing boats and jewel bright fish set on driftwood, as well as colourful glass coasters, at prices which won’t empty your purse (or wallet!).

How long have you been working with glass?

I have been working with glass for six years first as a hobby and now as a business.

I started by doing a stained glass course at night school, whilst at the course someone mentioned fused glass. I had never heard of it. I came home from the course and looked it up on the internet and thought, ‘that looks good’. I soon found a course in Liverpool booked on it.


I love your use of colour, what inspires you?

Visions for my work come from different places, this could be sat having a cup of tea, or when I am out for the day, to standing in front of my work bench with a piece of glass.


What is the process from design to finished piece?

Once I have decided on what I want to work on, I cut the design out from special glass used for fusing. The glass is then put into the kiln where the glass softens to allow the colours to blend together, after the firing process, which can take up to 16 hours, I have my finished piece (hopefully). I say hopefully as glass is an unpredictable medium and you never know how a piece is going to turn out.


What are you working on at the moment?

I have many things to make on my “to do list” these include making cake stands, dishes, bunting and I hate to say it Christmas decorations, ready for getting into shops in October.

Currently, I am experimenting with adding memorial ash into fused glass. This is a new line that I intend to progress further in the next couple of months.

How much do your items sell for?

My work varies in price for £4.00 upwards.

Do you have a website?

I do not have a website at the moment, this is another job on my ‘to do list’ but I keep my facebook page updated with my latest work.

Dawn Jackson’s glass designs are available to buy in the Harris Museum and Art Gallery shop.



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