Lancashire Science Festival


Yesterday we spent another magnificent, and free, day at the Lancashire Science Festival.

It’s the third year for the University of Central Lancashire’s three day festival.

The popular festival attracts schools and families from all across the region and invites them to have a go at all manner of fun, science activities.

We kicked the day off watching the international robotic sensation that is Titan.

The all singing, all dancing, wise cracking giant proved popular with the crowds, especially those squirted with water (me included!).

We spent much of the day in the science showfloor learning about sharks, engineering, cells, gravity, electricity and so much more.

The highlight for my son was meeting the evil super-villain from Dr Who, Davros.

An Audience with Davros was presented the Hyde Fundraisers, a group of talented and dedicated volunteers who perform at various sci-fi shows and raise money for charity.


We can’t wait until next year’s Science Festival, an inspiring day for all.




3 thoughts on “Lancashire Science Festival

  1. I have seen the Hyde Fundraisers. That Dalek looks pretty good. Fans are a lot more talented and dedicated these days. Can I ask (I think I’ve seen your son is pretty young) what did he make of the “death” of Matt Smith on Christmas day? Was it a traumatic experience or do kids take it all in their stride these days because the old series are on constant repeat and so they’re used to how the programme works?

    • He took the “death” of Matt Smith in his stride. He has watched previous episodes with other Doctors so he understood that there would be a new one in the forthcoming series. I think he liked Matt Smith though but then he also liked David Tennant. Not sure what he’ll make of Peter Capaldi!

      • The new one always starts off as “he’s never going to be as good as the last one” but then things change. It’s amazing how it keeps the programme fresh. Thinking about it I, at a very young age, saw the “death” of Tom Baker although I cannot remember my reaction, or even if I understood.

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