Saddle up!


We’ve just spent another glorious day exploring Preston’s parks and the Lancaster Canal by bike. Since my son learned to ride ten months ago we’ve both enjoyed the freedom of taking off to see where the day takes us. Just today as we sat eating our sandwiches by Moor Park’s duck pond we were surprised to see a large grey heron swoop from the trees and scare away the gulls.

Heron Moor Park

Once they had scattered he took up a perch on the No Fishing sign and waited majestically until an angry mob of gulls came at him with a squawk. Later in the afternoon we started up the Lancaster Canal only to be met by two swans and their four cygnets.


One of the swans was on the bank, as my son passed slowly and cautiously the great bird spread it’s wings and began to nip at his bike. A local fisherman advised us to pass the swans quickly as they could be vicious when protecting their young.

Over the next few weeks I hope to bring you details of some of the family friendly cycle rides we have been on recently. Until then, enjoy the sunshine.




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