Time Machine; work of Joana Vasconselos at Manchester Art Gallery


What does a cat in crochet and a helicopter adorned with pink ostrich feathers, Swarovski Crystals and gold leaf have in common? Manchester. Or Manchester Art Gallery to be precise. The interior and exterior of the gallery have been transformed by the subversive, large-scale sculptures of Portugese artist Joana Vasconselos.


Hefty patchwork tubes and funnels in bright knits and sequinned fabric snake across the ceiling, the sculptures dripping in tassels and pom-pom trims.

“It’s like a temple!” my son exclaimed as we followed the snake like sculpture, entitled Britannia 2014, to the first floor and beyond.


Time Machine not only places Vasconselos work about the structure of the building but positions some of her other pieces amidst more traditional works; drawing you away from Victorian eroticism  and towards works like big booby #2, 2011, a wonderous crocheted mound.

big booby #2, 2011

big booby #2, 2011

It is the first time her three robotic sculptures, depicting steam irons arranged in the shape of flower petals, have been shown.

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

War Games 2011

War Games 2011

This is Joana Vasconselos’ first major exhibition in the UK, catch it whilst you can. It’s amazing.


Time Machine at Manchester Art Gallery until 1st June 2014.





5 thoughts on “Time Machine; work of Joana Vasconselos at Manchester Art Gallery

  1. I was there today. Although I only got in ten minutes before they closed so I didn’t get around it all. Sadly I missed the car.

    • The car was on the top floor, along with the ostrich feather adorned helicopter! What did you think of the exhibition?

      Manchester was packed yesterday, it was like the whole of the city had descended on the centre. We used to come over on a Sunday or midweek. Great for people watching though.

      • I was hoping I could just pop in the room, but I got told on arrival that it was spread all over. With ten minutes all I got around was up the stairs, past the doyleyed lions, and around one side to the other. Lots of doyley action. It must be hard work knitting / sewing / crocheting them all in 3D.

        I don’t get to Manchester much, but yesterday I left the coat at home. Not surprised many others were out too.

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