Klara Kristalova

Klara Kristalova Maneater

Klara Kristalova ‘Maneater’ 2009

Two of Klara Kristalova’s sculptures are on display at the Goldfrapp: Artist as Curator exhibition at the Lowry, Salford. The exhibition curated by Alison Goldfrapp focusses on folklore and fairtales, a fitting backdrop to Kristalova’s melancholic ceramics. At first sight they appear beautiful, almost child-like and then upon closer inspection they reveal an almost sinister underside. Her piece Maneater depicts a serene white swan with a screaming mouth and frightened eyes pressed into the feathers.

Klara Kristalova 'Batgirl'

Klara Kristalova Batgirl glazed porcelain 2009

The artist, born in Prague, now lives and works in Sweden. Her work has received international acclaim and she has exhibited internationally. Catch it whilst you can, in Salford.

Goldfrapp: Artist as Curator, The Lowry, Salford. Until 2nd March 2014



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