Winter walk by Preston Docks


The wind is beating down the door again today but on Saturday we had sunshine. Eager to make the most of the cold, dry weather we headed out and down to Preston docks.


We love to get out and look at the clouds and the sky. If I see a beautiful sunset or a combination of blues, reds and purples in the sky I point them out to my son. Just before sundown we saw flocks upon flocks of seagulls heading away from the docks, across the River Ribble and home to roost.


As the sun set I wondered what the new year would hold, more adventures and good surprises I hope. I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and meeting so many interesting and creative people, in the flesh and online. I’m hoping to buy a new camera this year, I love my little point and click Canon but it doesn’t shoot very well in low light or capture fast moving images. I was thinking a Panasonic Lumix might be a good option?


Here is to mishchief, fun and adventure continuing for another year!


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