Giant Helter-Skelter and Marionettes, Liverpool


We took the train to Liverpool yesterday. The city was alive with street performers, buskers and Christmas cheer. The pubs packed with football supporters and the streets buzzing with shoppers. I love soaking up the atmosphere and people watching. The city is like no other, everything is done to excess. The women have the longest lashes, the biggest rollers and the glossiest manes. We took a slide down the giant Helter Skelter in Liverpool One. From the top we could see across to Albert Dock.


And we danced with a troupe of giant marionettes that loomed over the crowds. My son felt a little bit frightened by the sight of three fifteen foot Wise Men but he was soon reassured that they were friends, not foes.

IMG_9348 IMG_9350

There is so much to explore in Liverpool, from the wonderful art galleries like the Tate and the Walker Art Gallery. The museums like the World Museum and Liverpool Museum. The Liverpool Cathedral, standing high above the city and of course the fantastic shops and theatres. We’ll be back again soon.


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