Ibiza: Moments In Love at ICA London

Ibiza, 1975. Photograph from Paula's Ibiza by Armin Heineman

If you could jump into a time machine where would you visit? I grew up on a diet of American TV cop shows and would love to visit San Francisco and California in the 70’s. I’d love to have danced at The Loft and explored the NY disco scene in the 70’s and the early hip hop and breakdance scene in NY in the 80’s. Imagine going to Ibiza in ’87 as DJ’s Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold did and discovering the Balearic scene, danced through the night in Ku, Amnesia and Pacha.

Ibiza: Moments In Love opens at London’s ICA next month. The exhibition paints a picture of the island during the 80’s. Ibiza had long been an island of freedom, liberal minded Spaniards visited during Franco’s rule. The island is depcted through the work of the work of two visual artists. Yves Uro was the freehand illustrator and graphic artist of hundreds of posters for Ku. Armin Heinemann was the owner of Paula’s Ibiza, a fashion boutique based on the island. Uro and Heinemann’s work has rarely been exhibited before.

The exhibition also features a set of previously unpublished pictures by the British photographer Derek Ridgers taken at Ku in 1984.

Ibiza: Moments In Love ICA, London (Fox Reading Room) 27 November 2013 – 26 January 2014 Free entry


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