Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool


Situated amongst Blackpool’s bedsit land, just a few minutes stroll from Blackpool North train station, is a little gem – the Grundy Art Gallery. The gallery features the work of established and emerging artists, focussing on contemporary visual art. The current exhibition is Dreamland The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and Blackpool Chapter.


Apparently Sigmund Freud visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1908 and wrote a postcard home to his daughter Anna. Artist Zoe Beloff takes his interest in the fairground rides as a starting point to display the history of the mythical Coney Island Psychoanalytic Society and its Circle, a small group of Freud followers.

It’s an unusual exhibition which had us sitting in deckchairs and wondering quite what it all meant. Fun though.

Next door to the art gallery is a library and cafe. It was a brilliant blue day, in early September, so we headed for the beach to lap up what was to be the last day of summer sunshine.


The tide had gone out leaving flocks of gulls waiting by the shoreline to catch mussels. My son and I waited and watched the birds catching their prey naturally, rather than swooping down for left over bags of chips or bread. They paddled or bobbed along the water waiting for a tasty morsel.




Grundy Art Gallery, Queen Street, Blackpool.


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