Brum, brum….


I don’t drive but I love to look at cars. I like retro styled cars like the Nissan Figaro and Daihatsu Copen.


I love cars from the 50’s and 60’s, such as Morris Minors and Morris Travellers.


An ex-boyfriend used to have a yellow Citroën 2CV, as other cars flew past on the autoroute we’d be chugging along with the vinyl roof folded back. He used to say ‘it’s a car for the beach.’ It sure was, as in winter time it leaked terribly. Still I quite enjoyed travelling slow.


The last car I drove was a mark one Escort and it ended in disaster. Thankfully I walked away relatively unharmed, with just whiplash and a few bruised ribs. The car, however, was written off. Since then I have driven a four by four over the sands of Fraser Island and that is it. I’m happy enough walking or catching public transport. I tell myself that if I can be one less person choking up the planet with car fumes then that has got to be a good thing, right?


But I think deep down, although I do care about the environment, I find the prospect of getting behind a wheel again just a little bit scary. But if I am ever to realise my dream of having a house, apartment or even caravan situated close to France’s Atlantic coast I will need to buy a car and start driving again. Accommodation in the Landes forest just isn’t accessible by public transport.


Now can anyone suggest a cool retro styled hybrid car for someone on a budget?






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