Adventures in Mosaic


A local man has transformed the exterior of his housing association apartment into a work of art. Using the brickwork and plaster as a backdrop he has created mosaic flowers, birds, plants and a young girl floating away with a bunch of balloons in her hand.


Jam Imani Rad did not train as an artist but taught himself over time. Influenced by the Austrian artist Hundertwasser, Jam has turned a conventional building in neutral colours into a bold, bright statement.


As I took these photos this evening people passed by and complimented him on his work. It reminds me of the work of Cuban artist José Rodríguez Fuster.



I find it fascinating how people can turn their homes into something interesting and exciting. In Preston, where the sky is often grey, it is refreshing to see a splash of colour to break up the monotony. Who wants to be surrounded by grey buildings when grey skies loom ahead?


You may remember when I visited the home of a French couple near Gimont. Together they had renovated their farmhouse into a beautiful home, filled with brightly coloured mosaics, paintings and plants. Isn’t it amazing how time, passion and creative flair can make something drab appear so alive. I wonder what Preston Bus Station would look like with a large mosaic mural?


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