“The Beauty of Nature Exceeds All Art”


Or so the stonemason thought as he chiselled into the flags that sit atop the stone wall that surrounds this tree.


The tree is situated outside our local university’s art and performance building. A beautiful place to sit and ponder as life goes by. I’ve just taken a walk around the university campus. It is very peaceful as many of the students have decamped back to their home towns and cities. Nobody to bother the bees feeding on nectar and pollen, although my son and I do occasionally engage in a bit of bee watching as we pass through the uni grounds.


The flowers are in bloom and the trees lush with leaves. The gardeners work hard to maintain the gardens that surround the university.


Today the UK is basking in warm sunshine, the weathermen predict a hot July. We might head to the beach tomorrow and build sandcastles.


Enjoy the weather where ever you are in the world. I hope you can find a shady place to relax, unwind and ponder on life, even just for five minutes. Have a good weekend.



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