A lesson in recycling from the shores of SW France…


Do you ‘forget’ to recycle from time to time? Sling that plastic food wrapper in the bin when you are in a rush? If ever there is a lesson in recycling it is this…


…the debris washed up on France’s south-west coast after a storm. When we arrived in Biarritz the beaches were littered with branches, twigs and other natural debris, plus plastic bottles and wrappers. Tons of them. The weather had been bad so the beach hadn’t been cleared.


I took these photos at Labenne Ocean, such a beautiful place, which again was scattered with plastic and petrol covered wood. All of it dredged up from the bottom of the ocean and deposited on the sand. Mother Nature telling us to get our act in gear. If we’re frightened of our kids stepping on a sharp piece of plastic imagine then what it is like for the marine life swimming about in a sea of human created debris and muck.


I imagine that all this detritus has been cleared now, it doesn’t look very pretty. But its still there, in our oceans. Its not the first time I’ve seen plastic bottles and containers dotted about the shoreline. We’ve been visiting this part of France for the past four years, buried in the dunes and scattered about these beautiful beaches, even at peak season, are sea worn shards of plastic.


Plastic…oh it gets me mad…why do supermakets encase everything in plastic?! Plastic bags for your fruit, plastic covered chickens, meat, vegetables, fruit…what happens to all the plastic across the globe? Its nobody else’s fault but ours.


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