Il y avait nuages menaçant en Capbreton

Pier at Capbreton

Bon soir mes amies. Or perhaps in your part of the world it is good day? Anyway where ever you are in the world I hope you are having, have had or will have a good day. We arrived in France two weeks ago today, the weather was wild. Wind, rain, storms.


I took these photos on a fairly mild Friday afternoon in Capbreton. Il y avait nuages menaçant, which means there were lots of threatening clouds. Grey skies loomed over our first few days on the the South West coast of France. It was cold and wet.


We had cycled the six or so kilometres from Labenne Ocean to Capbreton, through the Landes Forest as it seemed fairly bright if not a little windy. Good weather in comparison to that which we had arrived to. Being from the North West of England we hadn’t been too phased by the dark clouds and the storms can seem quite exciting, especially when the rain hammers down on your mobile home at night.


But we were keen to get out and cycling. Capbreton is a good place for families as although there can be high waves the beach gently shelves, so less confident swimmers don’t end up out of their depth quickly. Plus there are facilities and plenty of cafes and restaurants close by. The wind was high when we parked up the bikes by the shore and two surfers were heading out to the chilly Atlantic Ocean.


My friend was surprised as usually the water has warmed up by now but the extended winter meant cold water. Still we had a good afternoon, we ate Churros from a little roadside van.


This popular Spanish snack tastes similar to donuts and apparently is eaten for breakfast in Spain, dipped in hot chocolate or coffee. We also had some wonderful home made ice cream from ‘the best ice-cream parlour in Capbreton’. There were so many flavours from the traditional strawberry and vanilla to melon, Kinder egg, pistachio and many more.

Maison Izos IMG_7150

I truly recommend that if you visit Capbreton, head to Maison Izots on the seafront and buy an ice-cream for two euros fifty, they are gorgeous.


As we were leaving a heaving grey cloud swept in within minutes.


So we took cover in the tranquil Baya Hotel. A spa hotel overlooking the ocean and drank tea until the sun came back for the cycle home.



2 thoughts on “Il y avait nuages menaçant en Capbreton

  1. Wow! I’m jealous It looks amazing. My grandparents cycled around bombed-out France and Belgium for their honeymoon in 1946. You’re living the dream. I bet the water’s a bit chilly 🙂

  2. Cor your grandparents sound brilliant. How adventurous. Yes the water was very cold, unfortunately France like the UK have had an extended cold snap…should be warming up a bit now though. I love it over there so much. Dead pleased you like the post 🙂

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