Moon and Star


Meet Moon and Star, my son’s death defying fish. I managed to catch a photo whilst they waited in a plastic jug as I cleaned out their tank. Moon is a Shubunkin and Star is a Goldfish. The other evening, before my son and I went swimming, we checked the tank to say ‘Good-bye’ and Star was missing. Then my son spotted him down on the fireplace, out of his tank! He must have had a Nemo moment and jumped out. I could see his gills moving so I quickly snatched him up and plopped him back in. He was floating on his side (never a good sign for a goldfish) and heaving out clear white threads. He looked sick. We had to go. I told my son we’d see how he was when we got back from swimming, half expecting to perform a fish funeral in the back yard. When we got back my son rushed in and over to the tank and Star was fine, happily swimming about after his little misadventure.

“Why do you think he jumped out?” asked my son.

“I think he wanted to play with all your toys,” I said. “He has seen you having so much fun and wanted to join in.”

Crazy fish.

Moon and Star waiting to go back in their tank

Moon and Star waiting to go back in their tank


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