Everythings gone pink…


I am currently hiding downstairs as there is a spider on the landing. It has probably scuttled off to weave a web of deceit somewhere about the house. I hope so. In fact, no, I hope it has fallen in love with a large ball of fluff (spiders are practically blind you know, all those eyes what a waste of time) and they are planning to elope to shores afar, preferably outside of my house. I’ve just phoned someone up to come and get it, how sad am I.


Anyway I have more gratuitous flower shots for you. We went for a mystery walk on Sunday, starting in the park. My son wanted to do some scooter stunts down a sloping path, as I strolled down to stunt corner I realised I was surrounded by pink petals.


The blossom trees filtered the light creating a subtle pink glow and all around there were pink flowers. Loads of them. It was like Barbara Cartland’s head gardner had gone out and planted a special display for Babs herself. It was really pretty.


My son soon tired of the pink wonderland and we headed off through a large wood towards a dilapidated factory, much more up his street. Spider update: It has been captured, found in usual spider hang out (where they always seem to retreat) down by the side of my bed, cripes!



2 thoughts on “Everythings gone pink…

    • So true Traci I doubt if I’d have slept a wink. If I had I could have woken up with a monster by the headboard or an intruder in my bed (and not a welcome one at that!).

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