Clouds over Ashton Park

When I swim I meditate, when I look at clouds I practise mindfulness. Sounds a bit airy fairy and perhaps I wouldn’t admit it to my friends up here in the north of England but umm…well its true. I saw these billowing wonders on my way home from work today. I like looking at their shape, their form, the way they move, divide and separate.

Clouds over Ashton Park

My ex-boyfriend is a lifeguard and he works outside in Southern France. So before work, and throughout his working day, he would check the clouds as they moved and could often predict what the weather would be like for that day. A real life Monsieur Météo.

Clouds at sunset

Wonder if its any co-incidence that The Orb’s Little Fluffy Clouds is one of my all time favourite records?

Storm over the Atlantic Ocean Labenne

If I am having a lazy day with my son we might look for shapes in the clouds. When they stretch for as far as the eye can see I think of travel. If there is a storm brewing in the distance I try to imagine what it is like at the place in the distance where the clouds are darkest. The photo above was taken at Labenne Ocean on the South West Coast of France. It is of a storm brewing across the Atlantic Ocean, that night the rain hammered down on the caravan. Another afternoon we were on the beach a little further north at Capbreton and the dark clouds moved in incredibly fast, within ten minutes they came in from the sea and showered us on the shore. There was no time to take shelter. That is the power of nature, it’s incredible.


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