One creation a day….

The Hepworth Wakefield children's activity

I recently read an interview with artist Tracey Emin. The journalist asked her if she feels guilty when she isn’t working, that she may quickly get out of practice. She said that if she doesn’t create she begins to to feel physically ill. Do you ever have that feeling? You feel a bit out of sorts when you haven’t written for a while? Or photographed or drawn or painted? I know I do.


And whilst I would love to be creating day in, day out, all day, every day…well its just not possible. So, I say, at least one creation a day. A story, a photo, a little article, a funny picture to make my son laugh. I try to concentrate on my strengths, writing, photographing and telling stories.


A good friend is having a baby soon. I compiled ‘Music to Give Birth To’, a CD of laidback electronic music, decorated an egg cup with her baby-to-be’s name and wrote and illustrated a story called Maggie Mischief. All about her daughter to be getting up to all sorts of naughty things.

One creation a day…keep creativity flowing…


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