The Final Countdown

Sunset at Labenne Ocean

In little over a month we’ll be jetting off to Biarritz, then travelling an hour or so along the south west coast of France to Labenne Ocean. Dubbed France’s California the area is renowned for its surf, natural beauty and golden sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. The beaches are backed by the dunes and the Landes Forest, the largest maritime-pine forest in Europe.

Labenne Ocean

I cannot wait to feel the sand between my toes, body surf the waves and relax…boy I can’t wait to unwind. I have a postcard of David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’ by my desk. I love the vivid blues he uses. I see the same hues on thirty degree days by the campsite pool in France, a gorgeous, inviting blue which beckons you in for a swim. Oh to swim outside again! We don’t have too many, if any, Lidos in the North West of England which is ashame as I’m sure there is something theraputic about swimming outdoors. Its quite magical being submerged in a warm pool as rain drops fall on your face.

Cycle track through Landes Forest

I try not to go with an itinerary, the best days seem to be loosely planned and flexible. Although I would like to cycle through the Landes Forest wearing a dress and sandals. It has been a pretty grey and damp spring up here in the North-West of England so it’d be lush not to be wrapped up in warm clothes. Oh to feel a warm breeze and the sun on my skin, to hear the waves crashing against the shore in the evening, to see the sun setting across the ocean and to see my son happily splashing about the pool in the sunshine.

Ecole de Surf


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