Haslam Park, Preston

Haslam Park

We’ve had a day full of sun and fun. After a chilly March, the coldest in fifty years they say, today felt like someone had turned up the radiator a notch. Even so we wrapped up and headed out to Preston’s Haslam Park for an Easter Treasure Trail.

Haslam park

Haslam Park is situated alongside the Lancaster Canal in the west of the city, in a suburb called Ashton. It was donated to the borough by Mary Haslam over a hundred years ago. Miss Haslam commissioned the design in memory of her father, John Haslam who owned a cotton mill close by in Parker Street. Miss Haslam wanted ample space for children to play. It is a wonderful place to explore, with a children’s play area, wood, stream and duck pond.

Drinking Fountain Haslam Park

The park includes many of its original features, including this iron drinking fountain and the beautiful ornate iron gates at the entrance to the park. It has been awarded a Green Flag every year since 2006.

Haslam Park play area

The treasure trail took us from the park rangers’ office, down through the sensory garden, across the brook, round the duck pond, up through the park and down the tree lined promenade. Working up an appetite for a hot cross bun, or three!

Haslam Park

Haslam Park, Blackpool Road, Ashton, Preston.


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