Chainsaw Sculpture

Tree carving Ashton Park

Gorgeous blue sky yesterday. Walking home from work through Ashton Park I spotted this beautiful tree carving, showing the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Tree carving Ashton ParkTree carving ashton park

These guys were part of the same carved tree, a sun basking croc and a squirrel. I see lots of grey squirrels on my way to work but thankfully not many crocs.


The chainsaw sculptor who created these wonderful pieces of art is Mick Burns. About eighteen months ago myself and my son went to Preston’s oldest and largest park, Moor Park, to watch him create a large carved seat for the play area.

Mick Burns Moor ParkTree Sculpture Moor Park

It looks like a lizard but its actually a newt, you can find plenty of them in the park’s pond.

Mick Burns Chainsaw Sculptor

According to Mick’s website chainsaw scuplture started in the UK back in the late 60’s and has recently started becoming popular again. Mick cites this as ‘largely due to the growth in the raks of chainsaw operatives working in forestry and tree surgery who are looking for other ways to earn a decent living in this present climate of low timber prices and increasing competition in the arboriculture industry…’


He also says,’ There is also a growing awareness of the chainsaw’s potential in removing lots of wood very quickly amongst the ranks of art students with an interest in woodsculpture, and the more established, recognised, skilled woodcarvers.’

Bat seat


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