An afternoon in blustery Blackpool

Comedy Carpet Blackpool Seafront

Crikey its thunder and lightning here, real stormy weather. It was ultra windy yesterday too, so we decided to head to Blackpool for a blustery afternoon on the coast. We had no real plan, so headed down to the seafront to watch the wild and wicked waves.

North Pier Blackpool

They were proper gnarly, throwing spray up and over our heads. It was really exciting. Blackpool seafront has recently been regenerated, with reconstruction of the damaged sea defences, new steps leading down to the seafront, restored walkways and giant works of public art including the world’s largest glitterball.

World's Largest Glitterball Blackpool

The regeneration has also included the installation of another wonderful art project, the Comedy Carpet. Lying inbetween the seafront and Blackpool Tower the Comedy Carpet immortalizes every comedy catchphrase you could think of and some you’ve never heard of!


After being swept about the front we decided to take cover in Blackpool Tower, which was free to get in. The tower opened over a hundred years ago in 1894 and still continues to be popular today. When we were travelling to Blackpool as kids we used to have a competition to see who could spot the Tower. First person to spot it won ten pence.

Blackpool Tower

As it is out of season the circus is closed but we were able to hunker down and watch people dancing the quickstep and waltz the afternoon away in the Tower Ballroom, which is as plush and ornate as I remember it. True its a little tired in parts but the faded glamour just adds to its appeal.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

We wanted to head to the top of the Tower to check out the view but due to high winds it was closed so my son headed for Jungle Jims play area and I had a brew. To round off the day we had a flutter in the two penny waterfalls and headed home, happy, tired and windswept.

2p slots

The Blackpool Tower Eye, Skywalk and Jungle Jim’s will close to the public during the week, for nine weeks from 14 January 2013 – 15 March 2013, re-opening at weekends during this time.


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