The best sensation

Labenne Ocean

Okay, okay so the photo was taken on the French Atlantic coast in June, at Labenne Ocean. But nice to feel the sunshine hey northern hemisphere people? I love swimming in the ocean, it is so wild and gets a little hairy at times. The sea here can suck you up, churn you round and spit you out. Nature feels so powerful and dangerous, it kind of puts you in your place plus its good fun too.


We went swimming this evening, my boy and me. It was in a public swimming pool, he had a lesson and I swam. Who cares if its cold outside? Once you’ve pounded out a few lengths you’re warm. I swerved in and out of ladies paddling side by side, chatting throughout their swim session. I glided past an amorous couple and a group of boys bombing into the water. Ten lengths in and I’d found my rhythm, I was lost in meditation. Its the closest I get to flying pushing off from the side of the pool and shooting through the water. Its possibly the best sensation in the world, well one of them, I love it.



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