Forces of Nature at the Millennium Gallery Sheffield

Millenium Gallery Sheffield

My favourite mode of transport has to be travelling by train. I love sailing through cities and countryside, gliding by shorelines and across rivers and canals sat aboard an iron horse. Who needs a portable DVD player when you have the splendour of the English countryside to gaze at? I love leaving the gloom of the rainy city and winding through the Peak District to Sheffield. I took a day trip there today to visit a friend.

We stopped off at the Millennium Gallery close to the station, to take a look at Force of Nature an exhibition curated by Museums Sheffield on the theme of landscapes.

Landscape with Water (1840-45) Turner

Landscape with Water (1840-45) Turner

It seemed fitting as such beautiful countryside is on Sheffield’s doorstep. The exhibition blends historical with contemporary work, Turner and Constable with Julian Opie and Hamish Fulton.

Untitled Alberta 1984 Hamish Fulton

Untitled Alberta 1984 Hamish Fulton

Outside of the exhibition but adorning the windows at the front of the museum is this decor by Kid Acne.


We also liked Barking up the Right Tree a sculpture by Johnny White to celebrate the opening of the Millenium Gallery in 2001.

Barking Up the Right Tree

It is made from cutlery donated by the people of Sheffield, as the city was known internationally for its production of steel.


One little girl and her grandma were delighted to discover the sculpture moved when you pressed one of its four buttons. The same artist also made this cool collection box called Forkocactus Spoonelliflora, based on a cactus in the Winter Garden next door.

Forkocactus Spoonelliflora

Forces of Nature Picturing Ruskin’s Landscapes at the Millenium Gallery, Sheffield until 23rd June 2013. Free entry.


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