Yorkshire Sculpture Park


One of the highlights of 2012 has been visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We stayed with a friend in Wakefield and drove over one sunny Saturday afternoon. It is an open air gallery with wonderful sculptures dotted about a scenic 500 acres of countryside.


It’s a great way to introduce kids to art and sculpture as they can be as wild and crazy as they want around the artwork, unlike in many galleries where there are large signs saying ‘Do Not Touch’. Plus it combines art with exercise and fresh air.


There is also an onsite cafe, shop selling some quirky knick knacks and an indoor gallery which was showing an extensive Miro exhibition when we visited. Dead cool and definitely worth a visit, shame my camera battery died half way around.

Do you have anywhere like this where you live?


4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. I use to live in Hall Green, WF4 which is less than a mile from Bretton Hall and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. There is a lake behind Bretton Hall (the stately home) which is about 5Km all the way round. This area is a conservation area and rich in flora and fauna. Species as diverse as the Students from the Environmental Studies department are often found to take their field studies here and volunteers from British Conservation Society have been seen planting all sorts of trees.
    This is a rare gem of an oasis minutes away from the M1 motorway.

  2. Hi Jim

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure there is anywhere like it in the UK, it is quite unique – so much green space and sculpture. Did you visit often?

    Miss Chipie

  3. There is a long descended drive to Bretton Hall and the conservation area. I had to pass by the Sculpture Park when I use to make my runs. I think I ran about 3 times a week there but I also took advantage of the facilites so yes it was like a second home to me. There is a pub where all the students go and I am sure the public too but I didn’t go much at all. At least I learnt who John Moore’s is.
    I did go back once when I was passing on the motorway just for old times sake and it has been said, you can never go back again, things change.

  4. It must have been fantastic to go running there, it’s such a vast green space & with sculpture too – I just think it is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone visiting West Yorkshire or the UK this summer

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