Beautiful house on the hill near Gimont

Sept and France 09 051

At the end of my mini French road trip I visited the beautiful home of a very creative couple. The house is situated on top of a hill close to Gimont, West of Toulouse. Martine makes and sells art, she and her husband Gerard renovated their home and some outbuildings, where guests and pilgrims occasionally stay. Many people walk the pilgramage routes to Santiago de Compostela through France and stop here along the way.

Sept and France 09 052

I loved the way their home was decorated using lots of colour, some rooms with a Moroccan feel in terracotta and blue, others using different pastel shades and mosaic. You can see here one of their daughters’ bedrooms.

Sept and France 09 050

I also liked how they made a living doing things that they loved, creative pursuits such as making beautiful, ornate mirrors and art. They lived very close to nature, their home is decorated an renovated using eco-friendly paints and materials. They were also building a natural swimming pool, with plants to clean the water.

Sept and France 09 054

Like anywhere I am sure there are downsides, during heavy snowfall it can be difficult to access or leave the property and it is isolated. That said it was lovely to sit on the terrace in the late Summer sunshine, enjoying fresh mint tea and figs picked moments before from Martine’s fig trees.

Sept and France 09 056


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